/i/OpieAndAnthony nsfw - FMA
We ova hea nao too also Joey “the Blowey” Cumia is a jobless leech that loves children and has been known to be Black Earl’s bottom from time to time. WE FUCK MENS ASSES AND THIS PLACE IS GETTING SHUT DOWN

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/i/IP2 -
Continuing the legacy of IP2... Be patient...

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/i/GirlsWithBackpacks nsfw - A place for NSFW Girls wearing backpacks
Preferably girls with their backpack being worn but as long as the backpack, hiking pack, rucksack or bag is included somewhere in the image or video, it's allowed. Doesn't have to include fucking, nudity, sexual content or even girls stripped out of their clothes at all. SFW content is just as welcome as the porn. Real girls and anime/hentai both accepted.

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/i/UNOFFICIAL - Unofficial discussion on this site.
Anonymous posts will be banned. This sub is for the following: Feature requests for this site, but in a more discussion manner. Discussing experiences on other social media and how that might relate to this site. Promotion of this site (what works, what might work, what didnt work) This sub is not for: Help requests Everything else

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/i/programming - All things computer programming
Discussion and topics centered around computer programming including languages, techniques, tooling, devops, interviews, algorithms, industry, research, etc.

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/i/truestories - This sentence is true.
We hold a firm commitment to the truth, as defined within our core principles. The core principles are a commitment to the hard-working people that generate and protect the greatness of mankind through their efforts to promote the essence of what is within all of us. To be comparing with everything that is not within this paradigm leads to narratives of style that we create only in the darkness of the place that both weak and timid along with strong and brave dare not visit except in the hour of necessity. Necessity is borne from spontaneous elements derived in the tumult of a society without a viewpoint into the window that has always been open. Something that is said to be true is true, and things that are not true are also true; this fact underlies the most critical aspects of the universe, that being all things are true, whether you believe they are true or are not true, the truth is out there and sets us free from the burdens of worrying that some things are not true.

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/i/ooojustin - A place to talk about Justin’s project
A place to talk about Justin ieddit project, to show any bugs in his projects.

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/i/PatrickSTomlinson nsfw - A place to discuss Patrick S Tomlinson
A place to discuss Patrick S. Tomlinson

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/i/milf nsfw - A place to post pics/vids of milfs
This sub has no description.
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/i/boobs nsfw - Pictures of boobs :)
This sub has no description.
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/i/pussy nsfw - Pictures of pussy :)
This sub has no description.
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/i/3dprinting - A subreddit dedicated to real 3d printing. No CNCs!
A place for 3d printing people to hang out. Post pictures, discuss topics, make jokes. No CNCs allowed!

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