Dang, It has been years
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    That being said, I've considered re-launching things under a new name with a slightly more complete feature set. I'm significantly more familiar with css and such now than whenever I started this project after working as a front-end dev for a bit.

    If I start anew I'd want to have a finish project to launch this time. A large amount of the code can be re-used, and I wrote several pip mini-libraries specifically for this site to meet shortcomings (that I've also been neglecting...). Incorporate a non-profit organization to run the site under officially, modernize the styling, and re-write probably 10% of the code. Basically things I wish I had done originally. Slap a fresh coat of paint on things, and ensure the proper corporate structures are in place to secure a some sort of ethical funding model.

    The main issue is I have significantly more stress and obligations at this point in my life than I've had previously, which makes it hard to justify working on a project that will probably not see significant use.

    Things have also been complicated by the recent political censorship that is happening across the internet. This site originally had a GREAT userbase, but I feel like now the demographics of people searching for an "alternative platform" would drown out the site and turn it into something unpleasant.

    Who knows. At minimum I'll need to get around to improving my pip libraries with changes people have suggested on github, and maybe then I can go a bit further.
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