Fatrick being attacked on GoodReads oh lawd
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    This is a book by pedophile scientologist patrick tomlinson. He has submitted multiple papers to the church, found here : https://www.writersofthefuture.com/2n...

    I know not everyone reading this is a fool, please use your deduction skills here and see there is something very off about this guy.
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    lmao people are creating profiles on goodreads pretending to be fatricks family among other people:

    Dozens of authors have been spoofed in this manner, including the entire board of directors of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
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    Patrick S Tomlinson is not an innocent victim. He is a deranged and violent cyber bully who launches viscous attacks against anyone who disagrees with him on any social media platform. He is also a proven pathological liar. The man even cheated at a HALF marathon that was being run for CHARITY. His books are works of plagiarism, and the life and identity he presents to his twitter followers is a complete charade. He is a sociopath who is legally barred from have any contact with is own daughter (we can only speculate as to the horrible reasons why). Please don't believe his "I'm an innocent victim" act, it's all lies. There are legitimate reasons why he is so widely despised and hated by those who know the truth about him
  • Craig, I know you’re going to read this. Go fuck yourself.

  • I picked up this unfinished script, I am this guys wife's boyfriend so im over often. Its not good, to be blunt. Pat spends almost every waking minute being rude to people online, instead of taking my place and having intercourse with his wife. Its no wonder people have mean things to say about him, just take a look at his social media.

    Tell you a little story about how this all started. My real name is thomas apostle, i ran a radio fan club on reddit under the handle "spaceedge"
    I had already been nikis boyfriend for several weeks at this point. Pat doesnt really have a sex drive for grown women, so he was always ok with that. untill one night, following a pregnancy scare, i used a condom during intercourse with niki. Pat came in the room shortly after, seen the condom and had a full blown panic attack. He kept yelling at niki and threatening to " punch her like she was wearing a trump hat"

    i didnt go back for about a week after that, and i found out later that niki was placing a menstral cup under her vagina after we had intercourse, then bottling the fluids for patrick to use in his modeling kits. Pat never, never let it go, he went to the subreddit i moderated and filed false dmca notices (a felony) and spread a bunch of rumors about yours truly being some kinf of "nazi"

    i closed the subreddit myself because pat was stalking users, but now he is just stalking anyone who is an old radio fan and calling them nazis. the man is sick in the head, if you do read his books and find all the pedo glorification ok, then youre sick too.

    thomas "spaceedge" apostle
  • if that spacedge story is true i feel bad for all the hate and fat shaming thomas had to go through! spacedge was just trying to protect the sub members!