15 Reasons Why Joe Cumia is a Nig:
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    15 Reasons Why Joe Cumia is a Nig: (text)
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    This is too important not to sticky
  • Oh...You were finished?? Well allow me to retort...
    Post your contact info so we can sue you for libel.
    Oh, what? You can’t do that? Why not? I’m sure you have ample proof to back your ridiculously malicious and false accusations of misogyny, alleged acts of racism, legal charges of pedophilia, and the rest of your bullshit buzz-words that are used by millennials like you, who with no conscience whatsoever throw around those once very powerful words for the sole purpose of gaining the upper hand and public support of your constituents whenever you get involved in an altercation. Problem is, most people have a hard time believing anonymous users on a site known for using these tactics in an attempt to damage reputations and interfere with ones right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (sound vaguely familiar?)
    The core purpose your sub is driven by envy, jealousy, failure, having no sense of purpose in your life and the desire to be prominent amongst of your equally dysfunctional pals on your ever diminishing platform. They’ve now become the magically shrinking Opie and Anthony related subreddits. Good move not using an O&A related name.
    You’re now constantly being attrited and for good and wholesome reasons...Good will always triumph over evil.
    Read on:
    What this poster hasn’t mentioned is that every last DMCA that has been filed by myself, either on my own or with legal authorization by others who wish they had the time and energy to do so, are completely and totally legitimate and legal. There’s nothing false or illegal about the DMCA’s that I’ve filed. All Photos and videos on the internet were taken by someone, therefore someone owns the copyright to every last one of those photos and videos. I’m thorough in my filing. The sub just has too many ignorant members that don’t listen to the more logical moderators, and refrain from posting photos and videos that are reportable. They’re blinded by their desire to have their 15 mins and more importantly by their very real and palpable hatred.
    Reddit has too much to lose and will never take the stance of a “Kiwi Farms” type of forum that a few sociopathic individuals run in their Moms house. They’re doing the only thing they can, taking infringing content down. If and when Reddit Legal receives enough of those legitimate DMCA’s they shut down the sub. It’s really that simple. So for Johnny Cakes, Frunkass, and the other dozen or so sociopaths on that sub who suck all the fun out of what a subreddit is supposed to be... and fantasize about a lawsuit against me.... I have one word... SUBPOENA. Stop already.
    I’ve filed 100’s of legitimate DMCA’s over the past several months, admittedly with the sole intention of having Opie and Anthony related subs banned. They’ve dedicated themselves to libel, harassment, and outright real-life bullying on and off the sub. Not just name calling and ridicule. I could care less about that. Their anonymity is what empowers them to post libelous and defamatory content. If not for that anonymity, which I believe is the reason for them not filing a single counter claim, they would find themselves in civil court facing a large number of defamation and libel suits by many of their “victims”.
    There’s a reoccurring pattern of them using my intellectual property as Illustrations to accompany their ridiculous accusations of projected (typically) pedophilia, misogyny, anti-Semitism, Homosexuality etc... toward my family, friends and myself. They’re in the habit of using other individuals Intellectual property to drive home their abysmal message of hatred and libel.
    So Again, there’s been nothing illegal about any of the DMCA’s I’ve filed. For me to do so would be a dire mistake on my part. I’m achieving the desired results playing by the rules. Why jeopardize that? REMINDER: This sub has gone so far as to brigade and bully my employers to the point of them letting me go from a few of my jobs, all in the name of “having fun picking on old guys”. That’s the only reason they’ve ever given for their atrocious behavior. This sub brigades to the point of bullying venues, agencies and other people in the entertainment industry into avoiding me, by utilizing dozens of anonymous emails and phone calls...many using the names of past Opie and Anthony guests, show members and friends to further try to get my attention and aggravate.
    This particular sub consisting mainly of envious millennials loves to reiterate the fact that I’m 60 and for the most part retired (according to the sub”70 and near death”) and that I have a stream of income due to business dealings with my brother. They like to call it “welfare”, and are constantly mocking the fact that I have income that’s not worked for. They like to call me a leech. Why they do this is beyond me. In addition to the fact that they think I’m a bum, they put a large amount of effort into taking my work (which they call a hobby) away from me and my band members.
    It became personal for me when the sub (and it’s 7 or so now banned predecessors) started harassing and bullying my 11 year old daughter, my deceased Mother, My innocent Sister, and my longtime GF, all for the purpose of trying to rile me up and get a reaction out of me to use as fodder for the sub. Interfering with my every day real-life has become a game of sorts for them, supposedly it was brought upon by a comment I made some years back. “You have no effect on my life”.... meaning that an internet forum that shit-talks people...especially people with any amount of notoriety, has the absolute right to do so, but in reality..does nothing to affect my bottom line $ or my real world reputation.
    I support 1A, I defended that right, amongst others. by serving in the Army for 3yrs. (another fact that this particular subreddit seems to love mocking) People have the right to say what they want. When it became a “challenge” for the sub to get my attention, they took it to the next level. That’s where the line between 1A right and libelous accusations that damage ones reputation, employability and the right to live a life undeterred by malicious internet trolls was crossed. All for the sake of getting someone’s attention and having “fun” hurting a “boomer”.
    My Reddit post karma alone is clear evidence of brigading. The downvoting that this comment alone will incur by the brigading, bee hive mentality of the O&A related sub shows that there’s collusion amongst the members of this subreddit and its moderators to do real life damage to certain people they see as “less than human”. Phone calls to my business and texts to my business number calling for my untimely death, taunting, horrific allegations...All of that means ZERO to me. Commentary about me and my brother written and posted on the sub, means nothing to anyone but the sub.
    When my family became the focus of the Opie and Anthony leftover psychopaths, it Became a problem that needed to be dealt with.
    I liken what I’ve been FORCED to do (DMCA’s) with something that I was always intrigued with:
    When Chicago mobster and really really bad guy, Al Capone (aka The Sub), was on a rampage against his enemies in the 20-30’s (Innocent Family and Friends) the Feds couldn’t imprison him for murder (aka- the subs libelous and malicious harassment and real life bullying, job interference, Doxxing my 11 year old daughters info). They did finally find a way to make his empire (aka- Opie and Anthony subreddit) crumble though fervently prosecuting him for the the less serious crime (but serious enough to get the job done) of tax evasion (aka-Copyright Infringement). They went another way entirely to get the desired results for the purpose of removing an evil, evil man from civilized society.
    I (we) will continue to report this evil sub and file legitimate and legal DMCA’s at every turn until it’s gone.
    Stop interfering with people’s real lives and livelihoods, and we’ll leave your stupid sub alone. Plain and simple.
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  • Holy shit that's fucking long winded even by Joe's standard
  • all of this is an excellent REMINDER