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Friendly chat for lolicons and MAPs. No NSFW images either real, cartoon, sculpture or otherwise, no real kid pics, no linking to things with kids without a genuine purpose, no sexual talk about kids, no encouraging anyone to break laws (including lolicon if it could get someone in trouble), no links to uber sketch. Advice or support to avoid committing crimes is allowed. No talk of castration, strange drugs, lobotomy, insults or anything that make people uncomfortable. Tone down talk of controversial changes to law, except for lolicon. No actual molesters. This is not a confessional, don't come here to confess to things that could put you behind bars. We generally assume that lolicon is not only not harmful, but positive to society (and overall crime rates) as shown in some pieces of research and subjective experiences. We also assume that one's actions are their own and that not everyone is inherently evil.