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    Hey there. I'm not aware of the current moderation of the /r/android sub being toxic; that may be because I'm mostly a lurker?

    Users are still free to post phone reviews, talk about feature sets and so on in the meantime.

    Any specific /r/android rules that are in your opinion toxic?
  • Specifically, no, but generally, you're going to get a subset of users coming here because they're not fond of the "I got here first so I'm king" method of handing out moderation powers.

    Continuing the pattern of abuse by moderators from Reddit int ieddit is a great way to not differentiate at all.
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    Slightly edited to genericize:

    Continuing a pattern of abuse by moderators from a previous site here is a great way to not differentiate at all.
    I see the point you are making, and in a vacuum tend to agree with that. I'm looking to get examples of patterns of abuse in /r/android by the current moderators.

    Based on my own limited experience as a mostly lurker, /r/android seems to produce substantive discussions about android topics without being straightjacketed into an orthodox echo chamber or constantly burning to the ground in flamewars.

    Since I want this site to succeed, we need to replicate a good result that can only come from users being free to post without A) being harassed by legalistic mods a la Stack Overflow and B) being harassed by unrestrained trolls that just want to grief someone.

    In my own experience, /r/android mods tend to produce that result, but if you can show evidence that there toxic behaviors or patterns that we want to avoid here on Ieddit, I'm open to the discussion.