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  • Dude what? This is the best anti censorship clone that exists. We are about to enter into an election year and I can guarantee "they" are locked and loaded. When they pull the trigger and people are looking for alternatives, this is gonna be a top option. Voat closed their registration and only allows old accounts to downvote (which means any and all new accounts downvote everything), and Saidit bans people for not following the founder's envision of proper debate rules (aka the "pyramid").

    The site has no major glitches. and is very easy to find. Just stick it out breh. I feel like the fat kid volunteering himself in a relay race but if yall need any help just tell me what youtube vids about Flask or C++ to watch and what you need. Your website is great man. You got a great idea and I hope you don't abandon it.
  • You gonna pay his rent?
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  • I'm not abandoning it, I just have to focus on things that pay my rent.