Markup formatting updates - long create_post load times
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    Markup formatting updates - long create_post load times (text)
  • Please don't use ajax to pull subreddit names. If you have to send all the subreddit names to that pulldown then it is bound to fail once there are 1000s of them, so just get rid of the pulldown and instead let the person type in the sub name, or (this makes more sense and is what reddit does), post to the sub that they are currently viewing. It is ok if (like reddit) the site has some convenient javascript effects,but it's bad if it becomes unusable with JS turned off.
  • So, this is how it already works.

    When you visit a sub, the request object is modified with a 'SUB' value. If you visit create post from a sub, the subname will autofill.

    The javascript "select from dropdown" functionality is just extra, it works perfectly fine without. Manually typing in subs will always work, people were becoming aggravated that they had to manually type subnames if they wanted to post to a different sub than what they came from, or if they visited the create_post page directly without first visiting a sub.