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  • How will you stop it from becoming a cesspit like voat, gab, 8chan, etc.?
    Without being created with an overt political agenda initially, it already offsets this problem somewhat.

    With that being said, I I'm sure some cesspools will form. Cess pools are fine as as only those who want to be exposed to them are exposed. People from 4chan posting 'hitler did nothing wrong' among themselves offends nobody, and isn't an issue. If that sort of content starts to proliferate outside of its confined sub-areas, it will be a problem.

    What does it try to bring that voat, gab, 8chan etc. didn't?
    It's honestly an amalgamation of all of these platforms. I do not necessarily view 8chan as even a total failure, I believe if 8chan had tweaked its rules just a tad, it would've remained a great platform.

    I do like the anonymity. I quit slashdot because they turned off anonymous coward posting. This one makes you log in but maybe that's unavoidable.
    Unavoidable for moderation reasons. The level of anonymity achieved is nearly the same as 4chan-like posting if implemented correctly. I have access to the database so I can see things, but even without accounts, ip logs would function in a similar way if I was inclined to violate user privacy.

  • Were you going to post some more?
  • oh sorry got distracted

    Implementing encrypted PM's as a site feature (mentioned as roadmap item) sound like an invitation for abuse and legal trouble. Probably best to let people deal with that themselves.
    If encryption was illegal we'd all be in jail for ssl. I get your point, though.

    I'm interested to know how well this software holds up under load. It seems pretty low tech in implementation strategy.
    Caching should be relatively easy to implement if load becomes an issue. Currently everything is running very smoothly on a free-tier vps w/ 512mb mem and 1 shared cpu core, never rising above 20% or so. I could scale to 100x current traffic levels without really spending much more.

    Every time I have thought of writing something like this, I come back to realizing that we already have a perfectly good uncontrolled discussion forum called Usenet, but nobody uses it any more, for reasons that are pretty weak. The usual complaints are all surmountable, e.g. with moderated groups for those who want them.
    Agreed, but there are many people like me who have never used usenet before. I'm 23 and on the extreme end of average tech savvyness, so if I have no experience, normies certainly will not .

    Are you going to have an API? That makes some things easier, e.g. the RedReader mobile reddit client is much better than the official one.
    Yes. Currently I designed the site so that it should look decent on any device from a old s5 to a laptop, so that I could get by without an api for now.

    In fact why fuss over this web app so much? Implement enough of the reddit API for existing clients to work with ieddit and other web apps can exist too.
    This is a good idea

    I tried to add this comment earlier (about API) and it seemed to save, but then disappeared. Wonder what went wrong.