Imagine thinking I wouldn't post anything for a month
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  • imagine the site being down for like 8 days because i'm a broke boi

    i'm unironically making 100% of my income from runescape botting right now since apparently i'm unhirable lol
  • 2y
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    Just passing by!

    since apparently i'm unhirable lol
    Weren't you interviewing for a C-related job?

    If it's any consolation, I don't think you're only the only person. As things move on, I'm always second guessing myself about my decision of majoring in Computer Science. Nowadays even getting an internship (as a student) is a complete ordeal; I've been trying myself and I've had no luck at all.

    A few days ago I came across this article and it does a better job at describing the state of affairs of jobs in the tech industry than I could ever do. I wonder if things were always like this.
  • yeah, that ended up not working out. enjoyed the experience though.

    as of today I have a job. pay is a bit lower than i was making before but it's 100% remote
  • Hiring right now is a complete fucking clusterfuck. That article might be the truest thing ever written.