Just finished this project last week: Zigpoll - Embeddable polls for any website. Would love feedback!
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  • I see where you're coming from. I guess my thoughts are:

    1. You probably wont have the embed on every page. In fact it's more likely you only have it on like 1/10 of all your pages at the most. You only get charged when a poll shows up, so between that and repeat visitors who fill out the poll you're rarely in a situation where all your traffic is billable.

    2. If you have > 1 Million requests to your site per month, you're probably willing to get on board with an enterprise plan > $100 per month. But maybe I'm off base here- I don't have any sites w/ that kind of traffic.

    In any case if you have any other feedback feel free to hit me up whenever: [email protected]