Larry Wall in favor of renaming Perl 6 to Raku
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  • That's right. Audrey Tang wrote Pugs, the first implementation of Raku written in Haskell. I've linked to the repository so you might find some goodies there ;-).

    ...what is the story where I learn P6 (raku...) instead of using haskell or common lisp?
    Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about neither Haskell nor Common Lisp, thus I wouldn't be capable to provide a fair assessment. One time I tried to go over the Learn You a Haskell book but I dropped it in the first chapter. Nonetheless, I'm still interested in Haskell and will probably try to learn it in the no so distant future. Same for Common Lisp, especially the macros part. BTW, regarding macros one of the Raku core developers implemented a subset of Raku called Alma as a testbed for macros in Raku.

    There is a Haskell to Raku guide so it might give you a glimpse of what the language has to offer compared to Haskell. You might even be enticed to learn Raku and expand the guide :-)!

    Finally, I suggest you ask in either the #perl6 or #raku IRC channel. Give it a try!